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Physical Education and Activity

Physical Fitness Testing

Every year in the Spring every 5th and 7th grade students are tested for their physical fitness. This Physical Fitness Testing (PFT) gathers fitness data from all CA school districts in six fitness areas: Aerobic Capacity, Body Composition, Abdominal Strength, Trunk Extensor Strength, Upper Body Strength, and Flexibility. The BSD 5th and 7th grade students PFT results, which can be queried on CDE's DataQuest website along with the County and State results, have shown steady positive improvements over the past several years. Looking at the BSD PFT Trends shows that the BSD students consistently ranked above County and State averages. Way to go students and PE teachers! 

Physical Fitness Testing - Fitnessgram

Every Spring 5th and 7th graders are tested for physical fitness through the State-mandated Physical Fitness Testing. these students are tested for aerobic capacity, flexibility, strength, endurance, and body composition through their performance on six PFT categories - the Pacer or one-mile run, curl-ups, push-ups, Body Mass Index, trunk lift, and shoulder stretch. 


The District contracts with the Cooper Institute for use of their online Fintessgram software. Through the Fitnessgram, PE teachers can upload student PFT performance scores and generate district, class, and individual student reports. Students can also login into the Fitnessgram to see their performance and to utilize other physical activity tracking tools, and access the online physical fitness library. Parents can also log into their child's Fittnessgram profile to view their child's performance and generate a report for their child's PFT scores. To request a parent login, please send an e-mail to pftinfo@burlingameschools.org

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