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BSD Wellness Services

Student Health Assessments

The BSD School District relies upon wellness data derived directly from students, staff, and families to guide program development. This multi-source referencing of the state of our student's and school's wellbeing allows for better wellness program design and implementation. The three main assessments utilized by the wellness program are:


1) California Healthy Kids Survey - this survey is conducted every two years as part of the Tobacco Use Prevention Program and provides a valuable insight into student connectedness to their school and their wellbeing as members of our community. It is required only to survey the 7th grade class, but a 5th grade survey is available. During the 2015/16 school year the wellness program conducted both the 7th grade and 5th grade core module, along with Staff and Parent surveys. The results of these surveys are provided below, or you can use the sorting tools on kidsdata.org to review specific indicators:

 Current Surveys:
     2015/16 7th Grade Report (Core and School Climate modules)
     2015/16 5th Grade Report (Core module)
     2015/16 Staff Survey Report: (Core plus Learning Supports modules)
     2015/16 Parent Survey 
 Past Surveys:
     2013/14 7th Grade Report (Core plus PA and Nutrition modules)
     2013/14 5th Grade Report (Core module)
     2013/14 Staff Survey Report: Elementary Report, Middle School Report
     2013/14 Parent Survey Report: Elementary Report, Middle School Report
     2011/12 7th Grade Report (Core module)
     2009/10 7th Grade Report (Core module)
     2009/10 5th Grade Report (Core module)
Note: surveys were not conducted for 5th graders in 2011/12, nor Staff or Parent surveys for any of the years reported here.


2) School Health Index (SHI) - The Center for Disease Control developed the School Health Index as a self-assessment and planning guide useful for schools working to improve their health and safety policies and programs. The BSD Wellness Program conducted a district-wide SHI during the 2012/13 school year and developed an action plan that identified five health and wellness priorities for that same school year. In conducting its initial district-wide assessment, only five of the eight SHI health topics were assessed to produce scores for each topic module. In addition, each module assessment generated proposed action plans for its corresponding module, of which five actions were prioritized for program development and implementation for the 2012/13 school year. Outcome scores and specific actions for each module are provided below:

Module Assessment Scorecards and Proposed Action Plans*
    Modules 1-5 Overall Scorecard
     Module 1: School Health and Safety Policies
     Module 2: Health Education
     Module 3: Physical Education and Physical Activity Programs
     Module 4: Nutrition Services (School Foodservice)
     Module 5: Health Services
* Proposed Action Plans include all identified actions that were considered in developing the final District's five-priority action plan (also called an improvement plan).


SHI and action plans are being produced for each individual school site and will be posted here when ready. 


3) Physical Fitness Testing (PFT) - each year all 5th and 7th grade students are assessed for their physical fitness with the administration of the California Physical Fitness Test. Results can be accessed either on the KidsData website or the CDE's DataQuest website. You can review the trends for the past three years (through 2014/15 school year) for the Burlingame School District here: PFT trends.