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BSD Wellness Services

BSD Local School Wellness Policy

BSD's Local School Wellness Policy (LSWP) first adopted by the School Board in 2010 (revised 2012, and most recently in 2016) provides guidance on issues related to student and staff wellness. The current policy (adopted January 2016) includes guidance on foods served or sold at school, physical activity and education, and health education. 


Common questions related to the Wellness Policy:

  1. Are the school lunches healthy? The school wellness policy mirrors the state and federal requirements for nutrient content of all foods served or sold through the school lunch program. The policy states "Meal programs must meet or exceed the nutrition recommendation of the United States Dietary Guidelines..." The US Guidelines can be found here. The District's current contracted food service provider, Chartwells, works within these guidelines to provide meals that are nutrient appropriate and that appeal to the broad tastes of our students. Quality of the foods served through the food service program is always receiving attention and efforts towards improvement. The recently formed BIS Nutrition Advisory Council (NAC) consists of middle school students, the food service director, PE teachers, and the Wellness Coordinator and is tasked with giving students a voice in the foods served through the lunch program.
  2. What foods can be sold on campus for fundraising? Foods sold on campus during the school day outside of the school's Federal meal program are called competitive foods, regardless of who sells them (i.e., foodservice ala carte, student fundraising, PTA, vending machines, etc.). Competitive foods have State and Federal mandates that help define which foods can be sold by whom, and where and when they can be sold. "Sold" refers to foods purchased through any system (money, points, tickets, order forms, etc.) AND when the exchange occurs on campus during the school day. "Campus" refers to any area controlled by the school that students have access to; "school day" is defined from midnight until 30 minutes after school. Foods allowed for sale for fundraising events held during the school day and on campus must follow defined nutrient guidelines outlined in the District's School Wellness Policy (refer to Schools and Beverages Sold Outside the School Meal Program) and in the guidelines below:
    • Elementary guidelines allow for four sales per school year and only one approved food per sale after the lunch period has ended. 
    • Middle School Guidelines allow for daily sales of up to three approved foods per day by only one student organization so long as the food item(s) sold meet nutrient guidelines defined in our wellness policy (sorry, no cupcakes or doughnuts) and that are not being sold by the food service operations on that same day. 

​​         More information on Competitive Foods can be found on the CDE's Competitive Foods Webpage.

  1. Can I bring cupcakes and soda for school celebrations? After first checking in with the classroom teacher on what foods they would like to have in their classroom, only one food item that does not meet the nutritional requirements specified in the BSD Wellness Policy may be served per event. So, if the teacher approves, you could bring either soda OR cupcakes, but not both, but even then these foods of no-nutritional-value are highly discouraged as they interfere with student and classroom wellbeing. Here is a list of health celebration food ideas.