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CAASPP Results

CAASPP Results

Dear Burlingame Community,

Today, the California Department of Education officially released results from the Spring 2016 California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP).  These new exams are part of California’s comprehensive plan for supporting high-quality learning at every school.  They are based on California’s new, more challenging academic standards, which are designed to help all students graduate ready for college and to pursue a career. 

An overview of the Burlingame School District results follow:


CAASPP Percent of Students by Grade Level Meeting/Exceeding Standard


English Language Arts

3rd         4th        5th        6th        7th        8th

80%      75%     79%     83%       82%      84%



3rd         4th        5th        6th        7th        8th

85%      78%     74%      75%     73%       72%


Science California State (CST) Exam

5th        8th

82%     85%


The CAASPP results will serve as a baseline from which to measure future progress and should not be compared to results from the state's previous assessments, the Standardized Testing and Reporting (STAR).  Our data reflects the hard work of our community.  We are proud of our teachers and staff for their dedication to our students in Burlingame.


As we review this new data, we encourage everyone to remember that the CAASPP tests are important, but they are only one part or measure of a larger educational picture for our students.   Individual Student Reports will be mailed home mid to late September.  Please visit our website to learn about the New Student Report.  The California Department of Education has also released a video explaining the student scores:   The New Student Report is much more detailed and provides information on how your child performed in different skill areas.