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Middle School Sexual Health Education


- 8th Grade Unit: February 8 - 12 and 22 - 23, 2021

- 7th Grade Unit: March 29 - April 6, 2021


The Burlingame School District offers a comprehensive sexual health education program (sex ed) for BIS's 7th and 8th-grade students in accordance with the Healthy Youth Act of 2016 and the CA Education Code 51933. Sex ed is typically taught at BIS in the 7th/8th-grade science classes. You can find many of the resources and curriculum used during the sexual health education program on this informative webpage. Any questions or concerns should be brought to the BIS administration.

Teen Talk: Adopted 7th- and 8th-Grade Curriculum

Teen Talk LogoThrough the School Board's approval, the Burlingame School District has adopted the Health Connected's TeenTalk Middle School curriculum for the middle school sexual health education program. This comprehensive curriculum includes topics on HIV/AIDS and STI prevention; birth control with an emphasis on abstinence; explorations of gender, sexual orientation, and sexual relationships; reproductive anatomy and physiology; and many more useful topics for teens to maintain their health throughout their relationships. Here is the TeenTalk curriculums' Overview, and the entire TeenTalk curriculum can be reviewed by the public in the BIS office. Not all of the TeenTalk lessons are taught in the middle school sexual health education program, and the lessons are supplemented with a variety of other quality medically accurate materials. The topics covered in both the 7th- and 8th-grade sexual health unit are comprehensive and comply with State Ed Code requirements. 

The 7th-grade unit focuses on basic sex ed topics such as reproduction anatomy and physiology, conception, pregnancy, fetal development, birth control, and STI and HIV/AIDS prevention. 

The 8th-grade unit builds upon the basic knowledge of the 7th-grade topics and explores the impact of being sexually active, building healthy relationships, gender identity and sexuality, and impacts of pornography on human development and relationships.

Middle school students are not required to participate. Parental notification letters, with the option to opt-out the student from all or any part of the sexual health education program, are mailed home in advance of the start of classes. A Parent Education Night is hosted prior to any instruction and will present class materials used during the program and provides parents an opportunity to ask questions of the instructors, science teachers, and school administration. 

Sexual Education Materials and resources

Parent Communication Homework

Local Clinics and Sexual Health Resources

Videos used during sexual health lessons:


8th Grade Videos

7th Grade Videos


Other Useful Resources and Links